Harbor Light Writers Group provides a complete suite of writing, content creation, and strategic messaging services for clients. We tailor our solutions to the targeted audiences and in the voice of the people and organizations we serve.

Whether you need a single speech or white paper or you require long-term content support, we stand ready to assist.

  • Op-eds and Opinion Pieces. When you need to advocate for a particular point of view, we work with you to distill your most effective arguments into a format that meets the needs of any publication. From letters-to-the-editor to columns in major publications, we help make your case with powerful arguments and a compelling storyline.
  • Articles. Raising the profile of your organization and yourself often benefits from bylining articles in targeted publications. Whether you need a short article for a trade publication or a 5,000-word feature, we can help.
  • Digital Content. With all the focus surrounding the benefits of content marketing, it’s often easy to overlook the amount of effort it takes to produce the volume of content needed to be successful. We help you “feed the beast” by creating blog posts, website copy, email newsletters, and social network updates that allow you to advance your key messages and build a meaningful audience.
  • Press Releases. Although the rise of online and mobile communications often takes the spotlight, effective press releases still play an important role in any communicator’s arsenal. We have years of experience writing copy that entices journalists to provide attention to your issues, ideas, and offerings.
  • Speechwriting. Our team works with individuals to help find the right voice, message, and story for each speaking engagement. We help script speakers for presentations, keynotes, announcements, on-camera statements, and more.
  • e-Books and White Papers. As every organization becomes a publisher, the ability to go beyond blog posts and deliver long-form content provides an additional edge in the content marketing game. We prepare compelling white papers and e-books that can be downloaded by potential clients, allies, partners, and more.
  • Strategic Messaging. We excel at translating big ideas into focused, memorable words and phrases. We partner with you to analyze data, understand desired outcomes, and architect a clear and compelling message that helps you achieve your goals.
  • Research. Convincing writing and messaging relies on effectively compiling facts, figures, and examples. In some cases, our clients provide all of the information we need to develop compelling content. However, we’re also well equipped to help gather the resources that will assist in message development and storytelling.
  • Training. Although we can meet all of your writing needs on an outsourced basis, we know that some clients prefer to handle some projects with internal resources. In addition, every professional will benefit from enhanced writing skills. We develop and present customized training sessions that help beginning and experienced writers to improve their traditional and online communications.